How to Watch Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury, Odds, and Picks

How to Watch Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury, Odds, and Picks

This battle has been called a “pick ’em” by many outlets, but American ex-Disney star Jake Paul is the clear betting favorite. Despite the complaints of boxing purists, this Saturday’s pay-per-view match between Paul and Fury will increase the sport’s popularity.

Because of this, spending such a huge amount of money is reasonable. Paul will receive £2.6 million in guaranteed cash plus 65% of PPV take. According to SportsZion’s reports, Fury will receive the remaining PPV sales and £1.6 million.

Odds Preview

When the fight was officially booked, the oddsmakers offered -115 on both boxers internationally and nationally, making it a practically even match. Since then, most bets have been placed on the more popular candidate Paul, who is now favored by odds of -150 to -160. In the role of the underdog, Fury did see some buyback (to the tune of +160).


Jake Paul (6-0-0, 4 KOs) vs. Tommy Fury (8-0-0, 4 KOs)

In his first six professional fights, Paul, a viral hit on YouTube, has knocked out notable MMA competitors like Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley. Paul, at age 26, won a unanimous decision after eight rounds of competition against Silva, who was much more seasoned. In October, when he fought the 47-year-old, he weighed just over 186 pounds and gave the MMA great a run for his money.

He took several early hits but walked right through them, eventually buckling his opponent in the eighth round. Conspiracy theories were rampant and the shot that hit Silva was strange, to put it lightly.

Paul will be facing his toughest opponent to date in Fury. Paul, though, will be the biggest obstacle in the way of Fury’s rising stardom. In April of 2022, Fury, then 23 years old, comfortably defeated a weak opponent in Daniel Bocianski. Fury nearly knocked out the tall Pole in the fifth round with a powerful right hand that sent Bocianski tumbling twice.

Fury’s piston-like jab helped the unanimous decision, but Paul was able to take advantage of Fury’s low right hand. Consider that before facing Fury, Callum Ide, Gennadij Krajevskij, and Scott Williams had never won a fight before.

Paul has gotten rid of seasoned martial arts practitioners, but Fury has gotten rid of the hopeless. The half-brother of Tyson Fury, who was last seen at 175 pounds, has a long way to go before he can win a British championship, and a loss against Paul would be the end of his hopes.

Pick: Jake Paul (-150)

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that the upcoming Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury match has generated a lot of buzz and anticipation, with many people looking forward to watching the two boxers face off. The odds and predictions suggest that Jake Paul is the favorite to win, even though some boxing purists may not consider him a true boxer.

While it’s important to remember that anything can happen in a boxing match, it’s also worth noting that both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have shown skill and determination in their respective fights leading up to this one. Regardless of the outcome, this fight attracts a lot of attention and interest, and may even increase the popularity of boxing as a sport.

If you do decide to watch the match and engage in boxing betting, remember to bet responsibly and enjoy the experience. Whether you’re rooting for Jake Paul or Tommy Fury, this fight will surely be exciting.