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On Sunday at OKBET Power 10, the DI women’s volleyball committee revealed its second top ten. On Monday, the AVCA revealed its most recent top 25 rankings. I can assure you that my Power 10 is distinct from both. Here is my most recent OKBET Power 10 after Wisconsin defeated both Nebraska (by sweep) and Minnesota last weekend in the most important Week 10 outcomes.

OKBET Power 10 | Texas

OKBET Power 10

After just one week out of first place, the Longhorns are back on top at OKBET Power 10. They had tumbled to No. 2 following an unexpected defeat to Iowa State. Nebraska then took over the top spot, but was swept by Wisconsin and dropped out of the rankings. Texas returns with one defeat on the season.

OKBET Power 10 | Louisville, Kentucky

The Cardinals are also back at No. 2 after winning two games in the ACC over the weekend after losing to Pitt two weeks ago at OKBET Power 10. Don’t worry, the two ACC powerhouses will meet again on Nov. 18 following the five-set thriller. That one has piqued my interest.

OKBET Power 10 | San Diego is number three

For me, the Toreros are up to No. 4, and I believe this one merits a thorough explanation. San Diego had victories against Pitt, Ohio State, BYU, and Pepperdine this season, with just one defeat to Louisville. Many may argue that San Diego should be ranked lower, particularly considering that they haven’t played a really difficult opponent since September at OKBET Power 10. I surely thought about it. Texas, on the other hand, is in a similar predicament, with a lesser strength of schedule during conference play, yet the Longhorns stay unrivaled at No. 1. I believe this team has completed all that was required of them, or everything that was possible given the time constraints. I’m going to keep them here until I have a compelling cause to relocate them.

OKBET Power 10 | Wisconsin is number four

OKBET Power 10

Now for the real kicker at OKBET Power 10. Wisconsin has risen to fourth place after a strong week. They not only defeated then-No. 1 Nebraska, but also swept them. The Badgers dominated the game and made the victory seem simple. They extended their winning run over Nebraska to nine games. Wisconsin defeated the top-ranked team in the US for the first time since 1997, and it was the first time in school history that the No. 1 team was defeated in straight sets. Against probably the finest defense in the country, the offense looked like a well-oiled machine. If Sarah Franklin performed like that in every match, this squad would be invincible.

On top of that, they followed it up with another victory over Minnesota to revenge their previous season defeat to them. This club is just rolling at the perfect moment and has earned the fourth slot in my OKBET Power 10. It was a difficult choice whether to rank them ahead of Nebraska. The Huskers have more wins (and fewer defeats). That is how I could have excused it. However, they are fickle rankings that may alter in a week. The Huskers did not lose in five sets, but rather in straight sets. Wisconsin is currently ranked fourth.

OKBET Power 10 | Nebraska is number five

Then there’s Nebraska, which comes in just after Wisconsin. Again, based on their season resume, I might justify ranking the Huskers higher. I still believe this is one of the strongest teams in the country, so don’t put too much stock in the decline here at OKBET Power 10. OSU, Purdue, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are all back for the Huskers. The bottom half of their league schedule is the most difficult, so we have some great matchups to look forward to.

OKBET Power 10 | Sixth. Pittsburgh

The same goes with Pitt. They just fell one position as a result of Wisconsin’s rise. The Panthers are ranked sixth based on their résumé, which includes a significant five-set victory against Louisville. Their two defeats have come against San Diego and Towson, but they have victories against the Cardinals and Ohio State. BYU and Georgia Tech In my perspective, OSU is the greatest victory at OKBET Power 10. That is why, despite my preference for the Buckeyes, I put them ahead of them.

OKBET Power 10 | Ohio State University

To expand on my previous argument, Pitt and OSU were difficult to order. The Buckeyes are on a hot run, having defeated Penn State in five sets over the weekend. In my perspective, any defeat versus highly rated teams is a positive loss at OKBET Power 10. And they have a lot of victories. I kept Pitt top because I preferred the head-to-head and the more recent victory against Louisville, since they both defeated the Cardinals.

OKBET Power 10 | Stanford University

Despite my great feelings for the Cardinal, it seems weird to downgrade them. I believe this Stanford squad is really outstanding and believes they will compete for the national championship. It’s tough to rank teams No. 4-8 since their credentials are so similar at OKBET Power 10. Stanford has only lost to good, rated teams, but has less strength in the victory column than the teams listed above.

OKBET Power 10 | Minnesota is number nine

Despite their seventh defeat of the season last week against Wisconsin, I am maintaining the Gophers at No. 9. I still believe their victories outnumber those of the clubs listed below them.


OKBET Power 10

Finally, Florida is my pick for OKBET Power 10. The committee has Oregon here, whereas the AVCA has Georgia Tech. Despite the committee’s high rating, Oregon is only ranked 16th in the AVCA poll. For me, I considered Florida’s victory over Wisconsin, as well as two recent victories against Arkansas this weekend. Oregon had just one significant victory versus Stanford.

Penn State, which has two major victories against Stanford and Oregon but has lost the past two in a row, is another candidate. Georgia Tech’s lone victory is versus BYU, so I’m going with Florida here.

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OKBET Power 10