Qatar Football should not be labeled a failure, according to Coach Sanchez 2022

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Qatar Football

OKBET Qatar Football

Qatar football should not be labeled a failure, according to Coach Sanchez.e After losing their second game, the hosts become the first side to be eliminated from the World Cup. Qatar coach Felix Sanchez has said that his team should not be labeled a “failure and disappointment” after losing its second group game against Senegal, which eliminated the World Cup hosts from the competition of Qatar Football.

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Qatar Football finally managed to score a goal in the tournament after losing their opener against Ecuador, but they were defeated 3-1 by the African team, leaving them bottom of Group A with no points. Qatar is the defending Asian champion, although this is their first World Cup appearance. “I believe we had a solid game. When you arrive here, you must identify your nation of origin. “Qatar Football whether or not this is a failure and a disappointment is dependent on expectations,” Sanchez told reporters on Saturday.

“We wanted to be competitiveā€¦ We’ve been training hard for months to provide a strong performance. However, the game does not always go as planned. It also relies on how well the opponents do. We didn’t play at our best. We were competitive on Qatar Football, but we didn’t become better.” With a last game against group favorites the Netherlands on the horizon, Qatar might become the first World Cup host nation to fail to win a single game.

OKBET Qatar Football

“We are well aware of how difficult this competition is. We wanted to go far, but we were aware of our country’s limits,” Sanchez remarked. “It’s a little nation with a small population.” The local league is not very competitive. This is our first World Cup appearance at the Qatar Football. It would be fantastic if we could participate again. More experience is always beneficial.”

When asked whether the squad had reached the end of a cycle, Sanchez disagreed, but conceded that adjustments may be made when they defend their Asian Cup title next year. “We have several youthful guys as well as some more seasoned onesā€¦ Our purpose is clear: there will be a generational transition. Some players will go, while others will join,” he said.

OKBET Qatar Football

“We may have new players at the Asian Cup next year; certain players cannot perform at their peak for lengthy periods of time, but it is not the end of a cycle.” Sanchez also said that the country’s early withdrawal from the World Cup would not be detrimental to its football growth. “The World Cup will come to an end, but Qatar Football will continue here,” stated the Spaniard, who guided Qatar to the Asian Cup victory in 2019. “It’s a football nation, and they want to continue cultivating young players so that they may make the senior squad.” In Asia, we can continue to compete within our capabilities.

“By doing so, we’ll gain more experience and be able to participate in additional events like this.”