World Cup Betting Odds 2022: OKBet Football Final Preparation Begins Before Qatar

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The whole World Cup Betting field for the 2022 World Cup has been announced, and we are now in the penultimate international break before Qatar. Defending champion France trails the tournament’s most successful team, Brazil, on the odds board – see the complete World Cup odds. World Cup groups have been determined, the whole field has been assembled, and World Cup odds are taking form.

World Cup Betting

A handful of the typical favorites are at the top of the list, but with the last international window before the event, we’re likely to see further adjustments to major teams’ World Cup chances at OKBet Football.

Here are the most recent odds to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup, as well as the odds to win each group.

World Cup Betting odds in 2022

World Cup Betting

Odds change over time

World Cup Betting

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 favorites

Brazil (+450)

Brazil is the favourites to win the 2022 World Cup Betting Odds and extend their record of five tournament titles, led by Neymar and Vinicius Jr., and with a star-studded supporting cast. Brazil has performed every bit like the favorite they are in recent years, including a spectacular run through qualification.

They were assigned to Group G, which included Serbia, Cameroon, and Switzerland.

(+550) England

Despite losing on penalties in the 2020 Euro championships, England is right there with France and Brazil on the World Cup odds board. England has a fresh wave of quality attackers rising through the ranks, therefore the Three Lions may be anticipated to compete in many tournaments in the future.

They’ll bring a mix of experience — having reached the semifinals and finals of two big tournaments in a row — and fresh talent to Qatar, but they’ll have to overcome England’s relegation from Nations League A.

(+600) France

The defending World Cup winners are chasing Brazil at the top of the betting odds. Les Bleus are coming off a poor Euros performance in which they blew a 3-1 lead in the last 10 minutes and lost on penalties to Switzerland in the semifinals, but they still have by far the greatest talent in the world and can be expected to aggressively defend their championship in 2022.

They were assigned to Group D, which included Denmark, Tunisia, and Australia.

World Cup group stage chances

World Cup Betting

How to Place a Bet on FIFA World Cup Betting Futures Odds

Betting on the FIFA World Cup outright winner is a popular futures betting option, and odds are normally released shortly after the previous World Cup champion is proclaimed. These chances will change depending on how nations and players perform in the run-up to the World Cup. Soccer odds will also be adjusted depending on handling and responsibility with certain countries at OKBet.

Futures odds are shown in a list format, with each option and its odds sorted from best to worst chances of winning. A plus (+) symbol is frequently placed in front of a team’s futures chances, as seen below:

  • +500 France

This implies that if France wins the World Cup, you may earn $500 on a $100 wager. As the World Cup approaches, or if one side has been very dominating, you may see a nation sporting a negative symbol (-) ahead of its odds at OKBet.

  • -110 for Brazil

This means that you would have to wager $110 to earn $100 on Brazil winning the World Cup. The American odds for the FIFA World Cup are shown above. However, with our odds conversion tool, you can easily convert them to decimal or fractional odds at OKBet Football.

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World Cup Betting